About TCMG

Texas Contract Manufacturing Group ("TCMG") is a platform holding company with a focus on American manufacturing. TCMG's operating subsidiaries are industry-leading manufacturers that have a unique niche on precision machining and assembly services.

Manufacturing Solutions Provider

Our Mission

TCMG develops innovative solutions for our customers while seeking accretive  acquisitions and operational improvements that will power our growth in the aerospace, defense, medical, power generation, space and satellite, and general industrial markets.

Our companies adhere to standardized operating procedures

TCMG sets, and achieves,  high standards of quality and performance

TCMG consolidation
plans prioritize

Technology is critical to
our mission -- as are
our people

  • Since its founding in late 2014, TCMG has operated as a diversified American manufacturer of precision-machined components and assemblies, serving a variety of sectors and customers throughout the globe.
  • From its corporate headquarters in Austin, TX, TCMG supports its operating companies as they focus on turnkey manufacturing, fabrication, and assembly services for highly engineered, precision-machined components.
  • When it comes to quality, on-time delivery, and unique problem-solving abilities across the group, customers continue to turn to us as a domestic supplier they can trust.

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Manufacturing Solutions Provider