December 14, 2022

Why Kanban...

“To produce only what is needed, when it is needed and in the amount needed.” Taiichi Ohno

Kanban is known to be an effective methodology to Just-In-Time Production (JIT) and is practiced by many manufacturers worldwide. It is a pull system tool that works to reduce costs, to reduce inventory, and to improve efficiency on the production floor.

Since the inception of this method more and more companies are saving money by producing product for live orders and not anticipated orders; creating a lean-manufacturing practice. As everything, there are advantages and disadvantages of this methodology as briefly listed below.


  • Creates a steady process flow through the production cells.
    • It is not about how fast it goes through the production cells it is how effective it passes through.
  • Reduces inventory by not producing excess parts and clogging production cells.
    • Limit WIP-start less tasks at once and complete more tasks sooner
    • Produce only what you can complete.
  • Catches inefficiencies in the production cells with adequate time to be corrected.
    • Continuously analyze the flow and make necessary changes to keep it efficient
  • Very inexpensive method to implement and monitor.

What can cause a Kanban system to fail?

  • Making your Kanban system too complicated can create further bottlenecks. Make it simple enough for everyone in the organization to master and train well.
  • Your Customer demands can quickly change therefore causing inconsistent fluctuations with your Kanban system. Works best with repetitiveness.
  • Not having all employees on board and not utilizing the method to its maximum capacity.

Consider implementing your Kanban system today to optimize your inventory levels, increase your productivity, and make it a win/win situation for both you and your Customers.

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